Christmas Customs

One of the things that bothers people about me is how open I am about not having a spiritual guide/entity in my life.  I am open to one, really I am.  I just don’t feel it.  As such, it really bothers people that I celebrate Christmas.  After all Jesus is the reason for the season, right.  Well… no.

Without going into religion too much, there is no verification that Jesus was born in what we know as December, let alone December 25th.  It IS true that many Christians (although not ALL, check people of Orthodox faith) celebrate his birth on this day.  There are many reasons for the season, and it has evolved into the modern Christmas we know and love.

Which brings me to my celebration of Christmas.  While I may not be a believer, this is still the cultural event I grew up observing with my family and friends.  As such, I have kept the observance of the holidays not as HOLY days for myself, but a time to step back, reflect, show love, and take part in a celebration that is observed by most of the people around me.

Even then, I admit to a decidedly unorthodox method of celebrating Christmas.  I’ve never promoted Santa.  I actually find the process creepy.  I’ve never quite understood using a beloved character to torture children into “goodness”.  I’m quite surprised (pleasantly so) that there isn’t a full branch of psychology springing up from children who are angry at being duped.  In fact, if anything, I find it amusing that those children grow up to perpetrate the same fraud upon their children.  Seriously, that is some FASCINATING stuff.

However, Keb has never been raised that Santa brings him toys and gifts.  There is no promise that if he is good he’ll be rewarded with the gift of his choice from Santa.  In fact, when he asked if Santa was real (mind you, he was LITTLE), I merely asked what he thought.  Sometimes he thought yes, but then he thought no.  I’d say the absence of Santa toys convinced him against the idea.

We also don’t really observe the waiting until Christmas day to open gifts.  While Keb is very vocal about not liking certain things, he was far worse the year we put this off.  He was absolutely spoiled and obnoxious — demanding more gifts to open.  Therefore, we start about a week before Christmas (depending on the number of gifts to open), and let him pick and open one a day.  I guide him if I know better gifts to open.  As such, he actually will PLAY with the gift he opened rather than setting it aside.  It works for us.

I still enjoy the custom of decorating, but I didn’t do it this year.  My tree is half-bare with ornaments near, but not on it.  The house has lights, but a section is out.  I baked on Christmas eve — too late to give out to friends and too much to leave alone.  I undid some dieting.  Oh well…

I celebrate Christmas because it brings me closer to those in my life.  One day, perhaps, because I want to celebrate the birth of Christ as a savior.  Either way, it’s a good thing.

Merry Happy Feliz Joyeux Festivus Hanukkah Kwanza Christmas


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