Slings & Arrows

You’d think that after a while I would have figured out that KK was a bit toxic to/with me.  Nope.  Maybe it’s because, as a sarcastic cynic who’s not always seeing the glass as half-full, I just assumed this sort of banter was normal.  Or maybe it’s because there was never enough friendship to support a complaint.

That said, here are some of the more interesting slings, arrows and slights.

  • Taed invited KK and her former boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner at his Mom’s.  At some point KK looks over at Taed and points out that he’s fat.  Mari, my SIL, whose mouth was agape for only a second, rushed to his defense by pointing out that KK was NOT thin.  Thinking she could make her point, KK repeated that Taed had gotten fat.  I think Mari just went straight forward for it and pointed out that KK had NO ROOM to talk.  The rest of us just stared stupidly.
  • When I did lose weight with Weight Watchers the first time, I actually got into a size 10 jean.  It was the smallest I had been as an adult (or even a kid, to be hoenst).  KK was nice enough to point out that it wouldn’t last and I shouldn’t get used to it.  SIGH.  It haunted me as I gained back 78 of the 85 pounds I had lost.
  • KK asked me to drive her to SFO for a flight.  That night it was raining quite heavily with a lot of traffic plus some accidents.  At one point KK looked at me and said, “You know, I would NEVER do this for you.”  When I asked what she meant, she said “do a favor.”  Apparently she felt that this made one dependent on another.  That favors had to be repaid.  Needless to say, I pointed out that she would have to find another way home.

That was actually my last interaction with KK.  Eventually she lost her job (as she should have.  She had NO work ethic whatsoever.  Who earns $75-80K a year and complains about having to do their job?) and moved to Texas.  I deleted her email address.  Needless to say, she never contacted me either.  I doubt I was of use that far away.

After all these years, it’s obvious that it was for the best.


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