KK: The Pilates Issue

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, KK imagined herself as someone who was taller, thinner, and more sophisticated than she was.  We should all be blessed with such a healthy self-esteem.  As such, she started taking private Pilates and group Pilates lessons.  On one such occasion she invited me to come with her to her private lesson.  Of course I should have asked in advance…  One insult and $35 later, let’s just say I couldn’t see making Pilates part of my  fitness plan. Another time, we went to a large group class wherein she offered that “for a woman your size you have a lot of stamina.”  Yup…

However, the best story isn’t really about Pilates.  It’s about dinner plans.

She and I had made plans to meet for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Mountain View.  People who know me know that “on time” to me means showing up 5-10 minutes early.  So there I was parking at 6:50 to be there by 7.  At 6:55 I was in the restaurant waiting.  …and waiting … and waiting.  Finally, when I was ready to leave the phone rang — the restaurant phone.  I didn’t get a cell until the 2nd millennium after Christ.  It was KK calling to tell me that her car battery had died and she couldn’t get anyone to jump it (at 7:20).  Asked where she was (I assumed she was at work or home), I was told her Pilates class at Stanford.  As in University.  As in more than 10 minutes away.

However, I agreed to drive over and jump her battery.  Off I went, and somewhere around 7:45 had her car going.  Then she offered to buy me dinner.  While we were sitting at Max’s Opera Cafe, I asked how long she had been trying to get someone to help her.  This was the bomb she dropped.  When she walked out of class at 7:00 (remember 7, the agreed upon meeting time?), she found she’d left her lights on.  Yep.  She NEVER planned to be on time.

While I seethed, I decided I deserved dessert.  She actually had the nerve to chastise me as “taking advantage” of her offer to buy dinner and pointed out that “since I was big” I probably didn’t need it.  I stared at her until she gave in and bought me a chocolate covered macaroon to go.

SIGH.  If only the term frenemy had been coined.  I would have gotten my clue sooner.


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