Poor Kate Moss

No, I’m being serious.

I know this news item is old, but it just won’t seem to die.  (Even with the new-found knowledge of how often Tiger takes out his wood to score).  Some idiotic reporter with, I think, nothing better to ask, asked Kate Moss if she had any personal mottoes.  Apparently this was one of them: “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”

People are OUTRAGED!  She is promoting anorexia and eating disorders.  OMG! Really?  Are you serious?  It’s not like she told the truth and said, “Nothing tastes good after you’ve done a few lines of blow.  Did you see my video?”

It’s like these people have never been to a Weight Watchers meeting.  C’mon, she doesn’t appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Are you really going to lay claim that she invented this saying?  It’s been floating around for YEARS.  While some will claim that as a role model she should know better (because pro-anorexic sites are going to pick this up and run with it), I still maintain that, well, she doesn’t seem that bright or forward thinking.  To blame her for anorexia is to give the skinny little twit too much power.   Poor Kate Moss, she actually doesn’t deserve to be beat up for this.

I’ve been hearing this quote for years from all sorts of people — mostly Weight Watchers, but also people I’ve broken bread with. And I say this in all honesty (and as someone currently paying Jenny Craig for food), this quote is a lie.  Whenever I hear it, I hearken back to the days at the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana.  There was a conversation between a very nice, polite, obsessed Indian chap named Raj and his obsession, Teresa.  She pointed out to him that, in her opinion,  Haagan Daz was better than sex.  He looked at her with great concern mixed with suspicion and said, “Girl, you ain’t been [BLEEEPED] right!”

I feel that way about food.  If nothing tastes as good as thin feels, you’ve never really enjoyed food or the sensual part of life.

Poor Kate Moss.

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