Scotch Tape

I keep seeing this commercial for Scotch tape wherein the… hmmm, how should I insult this pretend gift-wrapper without getting into trouble… oh yeah, LIMITED person can’t cut wrapping paper with a pair of scissors.  If that’s not a scathing expose on education today, I don’t know what is.  Seriously, we’re to believe that the average person’s fine motor skills are so horrific (and gift giving is all about the gift wrap) that he/she needs different tools?  WTF?  No.  (At least I hope not.  Does this mean we need to add yet another standard to those poor kinder-kids?).  If you can’t cut wrapping paper, there is NO help.  I mean that.

However that doesn’t even touch the whole pre-cut tape pieces?  I seriously worry about the person who can’t tear tape.  However, if it makes your life… easier (more expensive), go right ahead.  In fact, Scotch tape is BANKING on it. 🙂


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