Back in the olden days, a man might prove his worth by fighting a black knight, rescuing a damsel in distress, or fixing a car.  My honey is hooking up digital cable for me.  The first stage of my hissey-fit came the day they took Bravo from me, news channels from Taed, and the cartoon stations from Keb.  Then they just got nasty.

They took my TLC and my Food Network.  They’ve made it impossible to play flip with any real enjoyment.  So my honey went out to get us digital cable at TWICE the cost of analog (the government is forcing this on us why?).  Now he is working on setting it all up so that we can watch all our crap TV.

I love this man.  He’s good to me, even though he knows I’m only going to watch the worse stuff on TV.  He rescued me! 😛


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