Service Learning & Squirrels

I have two cohorts of 6th graders at school.  Cohort A conducted service learning projects for the school first semester.  Since the end of January, Cohort B has been performing service learning at the school.  While we started off in the school garden, our key task has been to help during the primary grade lunch/recess.

The Cohort is divided into teams.  One team helps in the game room, two teams are outside playing with the kids, and the final team works in the lunch area recycling cardboard trays and cleaning up.  Since they have taken on this task, we’ve seen our seagull population dwindle.  This is good — very good.  However, in their stead are some HUGE black crows and a couple of very vicious squirrels.

One in particular, I’ve come to call him Black Adder, is feisty and ready to rumble.  I generally find him on the days when french toast sticks have been served.  He’ll run up and down the tree collecting them.  He chatters and shakes his tail at me.  It’s like he knows I’m the one who puts those kids out there.  The ones who get the food in the garbage.

What’s weird though, is that there is often food hidden in the flowers and shrubbery around “his” tree.  My new conspiracy theory is that he has hypnotized one of the very vulnerable (simple) primary kids.  He chatters, “You will leave me your bagel hidden in the geraniums” and the kid does it.  Needless to say, I am thwarting him by getting the 6th graders to clean it up.

Now that I think on it, I’m sure the Black Adder Squirrel had something to do with my windshield!  Two weeks ago, I pulled into my parking space at home after having been at Jazzercise.  Suddenly POP and CRASH.  A pine-cone fell from the tree and hit my windshield.  Needless to say, it was broken well and good.  In the tree?  Yes, one angry squirrel chattering at me and shaking his tail. Little cretin cost me $300 for a new windshield.  For that, there will be retribution!

I can’t believe it, there is a rogue rodent syndicate hell-bent on wreaking havoc on my life.  Stupid squirrels.

I got off track, huh?


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