“Natural” Sweeteners

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to be a little pretentious (which is really amusing when you consider how forthright, honest, and blunt I am).  That said, I really hate pretentiousness  when it comes to food.  I’ve been reading my latest copy of Eating Clean wherein they express the “importance” of only eating “natural” sweeteners.  Uhm, sugar?

Apparently sugar doesn’t count because it’s refined. I don’t get this because the agave nectar is refined.  How exactly is the process different?  Isn’t refining something the same regardless of the substance?  Also, isn’t sugar found in nature?  And pardon my ignorance, but aren’t beets from nature?  If I use their sugar, isn’t that natural? Don’t EVEN get me started on corn syrup… [eye roll and BIG SIGH]

I went through this when I worked for the bakery.  I swear the people would tout how IMPORTANT it was that they have turbinado sugar for their coffee.  It was better because it wasn’t refined like WHITE sugar.  OK.  You’re right, it’s just evaporated.  Those other chemicals are going to KILL you.  Of course, given that we had puff pastry shortening, butter, white sugar, and other stuff (fondant anyone) in that cinnamon roll you’re eating (that’s as big as your head), I’m thinking whatever chemicals MIGHT be in the sugar in your coffee are the LEAST of your worries.

Look, no one, not one of us, is getting out of here alive.  Suck it up, enjoy it as best you can, and stop worrying.  Geez.  You don’t die from this!  LOL (Of course you do.  You die from something.  Get over it!).


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