My Commute

When I changed schools last year, one of my biggest concerns was that my commute would be longer.  It is ~18 miles rather than the 13 it was. With gas prices hovering at $4 a gallon, I was really concerned that I was going to go broke just going to work.  While the recession has helped with the gas prices, I have to say that my commute to Allen is MUCH NICER and EASIER than my commute to Olinder.  I just hop on 85 and go.  There are probably only 4 miles of non-highway miles.  Plus 85 is TONS nicer than 280.  I didn’t realize that until I had to take 280 someplace.  It was packed and crazy.  Because 85 is a smoother commute, I actually have increased my gas milage and cut down on the number of times I refill.  SWEET.

In a world of so much to complain about and so little time to complain, here’s one thing that I’m not complaining about.


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