Digital Cable

Is ruining my life.  OK, not ruining, but certainly taking whatever small TV watching joy I had and eliminating it.  We went digital this week for some of our channels.  Gone were our news channels (Taed’s primary watching stations); Cartoon Network & Nickelodeon (Keb’s primary channels), and VH1 & Bravo (mine).  So I complained about it.  Yes, I know, SO not effective.

Taed says that we pay ~$35 a month now, but if we go digital we might have to buy a new TV (that sucks), AND the cost of cable increases to $80+ a month.  That’s $600 more a year.  SIGH.  I don’t know.  It IS TV.  He did point out that most shows are available on-line and I could watch them on the computer.  That said, I don’t WANT to watch them on my computer.  (Yes, cheese with my whine would be most tasty.  Thank you.).

Right now I’m torn.  I really, really, really want my TV back to “normal”.  On the other hand, imagine how much I could accomplish if sitting in front of it wasn’t as much of an option.  Yeah, right.  I want my MTV!


One thought on “Digital Cable

  1. Davis says:

    I’m like you — I could never watch TV regularly on the computer

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