Summer Plans

I realize that I’m starting to spend my summer hours like money I don’t have.  I’m making huge plans, and summer break hasn’t even started.

I know a large part of what I want to work on is mapping my curricucum in a way that is both logical, as well as interesting.  I know that I will be looking at ways to make sure that I use social studies and science to teach/reinforce reading skills.  I also know that I want to use novels rather than the district adopted materials.  Realisitically, this is ignorant (not to mention career suicide).  My students won’t necessarily PASS the benchmarks.  Therefore, I’m working on some ideas of how to bring the two together.  I need to actually sit down and schedule it out to get a clue.

The other curriculum I need to figure out is the cooking/mad science part of it.  I know I’ve wasted precious time by not following up on people who have been recommended to me.  It’s like those thoughts escape from my mind and reappear at the wrong times — when I can’t do anything about it.   If I don’t get this sorted out, it’s really going to be hard for me next year.  It’s been pointed out that I don’t HAVE to; however, it’s really hard to teach if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’m also trying to coordinate a training as well as a trip to the Midwest to see my friend, Kristin.  Unfortunately, the first round found me doing both the same week.  UGH.  This is WHY you’re supposed to put things on calendars!  SIGH.  Now I need to look at it all.

I’d also like to take a family vacation.  That hasn’t been planned.  Then there’s my yearly wish of painting the inside of the house.  I call it a wish because I never take the steps to turn it into reality — get paint chips, select colors, test drive colors, prep room, etc.  I need to figure that out so it can actually happen.

Now I’ve decided that I want to use Carols cri-cut.  Sure, I get to see and hang out with her too, which is an added bonus.  However, I need to make plans to go over.  Not to mention that I also need to figure out WHAT I’m going to make.

Finally, we switched our calendar.  We’re starting earlier this next contract year.  The first kid day is August 17 — a good week earlier than normal.  That two weeks less is really going to impact my plans as well as others.

It will work the way it’s meant to.  However, I’m eager for summer break to get here so I can get started.


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