Stuff Floating In My Head

In no particular order and definitely for no particular reason.

  • I am seriously in love with Jamba Juice oatmeal.  So is Keb.  Keb actually prefers is plain, which is hard to explain to the servers — no fruit and definitely no brown sugar stuff.  I’m trying to find a way to make something comparable at home.  Not just because I’m pretty unwilling to pay $3 for it, but also because I can share this with Keb.  This morning, I followed the package directions and made it on the stove (35 minutes).  Right now I’m test driving a boil and ignore method.  It’s killing me.  I so want to look.  Next week, Alton Brown’s method.  One of them HAS to work.
  • I hate, hate, hate, really hate, find it so annoying that I have to hate it, hate the way baggers bag at grocery stores.  Even when I remember to take my own bags (only half the time), they seem to have NO concept as to HOW to bag.  It’s such a weird thing to relegate to a “lost art”.  That said, don’t put cans on my eggs!  Don’t put cans on my bread!  Don’t shove bottles next to my delicate produce (organic blueberries ARE NOT CHEAP!).  Please try NOT to crush my goat cheese.  In short, move aside and let me do it [expletive that is so rude I won’t even fake it].
  • I can tell I’m ready for school to be over because I’m nesting.  This is what I do at the end of the year.  Normally I don’t care about clean or cooking.  Now, it’s consuming my thoughts.
  • Tonight’s and last night’s dinners were experiments.  Last night I made pasta with roasted broccoli and goat cheese sauce.  The original recipe called for asparagus.  I like asparagus, but Taed doesn’t.  Hence broccoli.  The sauce, as Keb pointed out, was TOO cheesy.  I liked it.  The strong flavors kept me from overeating (plus I used whole wheat pasta).  Tonight I tried a recipe from “The Biggest Loser” cookbook.  It was Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf.  While the concept was good, the actual meatloaf wasn’t.  Maybe I just didn’t select good enough sauce.  Maybe it was the blue cheese in the meatloaf.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good.  I roasted broccoli again as well as fingerling potatoes.  The broccoli is a hit with us.  It’s just nutty enough to be addictive.
  • I’ve been surprised lately that things my parents did in cooking that I thought was just them being weird are showing up.  For example, the meatloaf recipe called for soaking oats in milk.  My dad put oats, milk, eggs, and veggies in his meatloaf.  The recipe called for carrots and celery.  Dad would also experiment with different flavors — they also showcase barbecue sauce and bacon.  Hmm.
  • I enjoyed seeing Star Trek with the family today.  It was fun to watch the red shirt get totally blasted.  It was just tongue-in-cheek enough to amuse fans, but not so much that younger viewers were confused.
  • I’m finally reading the latest Neil Gaiman book that won the Newberry Award.  Probably because I really cannot seem to get into Twilight.  Sad.
  • I want to like the Hungry Girl cookbooks, but I don’t.  The “recipes” remind me of things I saw on 1970s Weight Watchers cards.  Things like, crush 1/4 cup of fiber one, mix with 6 sprays of fake butter and a packet of Sweet-and-Low…  Uh, HELL no.  That’s just wrong in so many ways.  Why bother when All-Bran makes a very sexy high-fiber cookie with chocolate that both Keb and I like?  Yes, I want to get back to goal and lose more beyond it.  No, I’m not willing to eat ANYTHING.
  • I keep wanting to go to Jenny Craig because I think it will be easier.  I’m delusional and know that I need to eat healthier, exercise regularly, strength train and move away from food because it’s not love or a therapist.  Sure, I can talk to a Jenny Craig counselor about that (or Nutri-System or Alli or Meti-Fast or, or, or) or I could show some fidelity to Weight Watchers and return to good habits that help me meet my goals.
  • While I can’t stand the taste of Diet Coke anymore (unless it comes from a fountain), apparently I’m just fine with Diet Pepsi.  I am preferring Pepsi Max.  Yeah, I don’t get it either.  [fake sneeze: psycho!].
  • I still love tulips so much. I bought myself 2 bouquets, one pink, one orange.  Seeing them reminded me of the ones Cassie sent for my birthday.  What a lovely gift.
  • I’ve been using Organic Blue Agave Sweetener from Trader Joe’s.  I was skeptical about buying it (not CHEAP), but a little goes a really long way.  I’ve never used a tbsp on my oatmeal.  A small drizzle seems to work.
  • SIGH.  I don’t really want to go to work tomorrow.  Nothing against them, the kids, or anything else.  I just want another day to myself.
  • My poor son DID not eat his dinner.  He’s putting it in the fridge.  I hope like hell there’s no Mommy Dearest thing tomorrow morning with it.  That would be just awful.
  • We’re going to Maker Faire next weekend.  Taed has been on me for YEARS to go.  Finally we are.  It looks like there will be many, many vendors who can help bring my Cooking/Mad Science program into fruition.  This was pointed out to me by Erin, who participates with her SteamPunk friends.
  • It’s weird how you can be married to someone and living in the same house, and still not know everything.  For example, Taed sticks to the usual vanilla with shakes and ice cream.  If he ventures away from that it’s to add cookie dough, white chocolate, or raspberry.  He tends not to like cake, except for carrot and only then without nuts or pineapple.  He eats chocolate chip cookies, but I’ve NEVER seen him eat pie.  He certainly isn’t into Brown Betties or crisps or fruit desserts. I made brownies for Keb’s party.  Taed LOVES brownies.   I did not know that.  How do you miss something like that?

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