We ONLY Think It’s the 21st Century

Needless to say, I was MORE than slightly disturbed to read in the New York Times Magazine online that there are segregated proms “down south”.  Sure, I’m in the land of the liberal (California and not), but even our prom in Iowa  (remember them, not liberal.) allowed all the kids in. It was sponsored by the school.  I remember the committee working hard on it, even though I was ABOVE all that (didn’t care, wouldn’t help, and now know why I’m not in touch with most of my classmates. :-).  This, however, is seriously disturbing (or maybe it’s the liberal media trying to make the south look bad.  NOT).  Apparently it’s TRADITION.  Sigh…  Just because you’ve always done it, doesn’t make it a good plan.

It was on Yahoo news today, but you can read the article for yourself.  Nothing salacious — almost boring in its matter-of-factness. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/24/magazine/24prom-t.html?partner=rss&emc=rss


2 thoughts on “We ONLY Think It’s the 21st Century

  1. justaglimpse says:

    What are you talking about Iowa not being liberal? We have gay marriage. 😛

  2. justaglimpse says:

    OK now I’ve read the article. I’m appalled that is still happening. I am sitting here dumbfounded. Until we stop accepting certain behaviors, they will continue.

    BTW speaking about not accepting behaviors, I need to tell you about a meeting that I was at…OH MY!!!!!!

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