All the adages about friends are absolutely true.  Today I pay homage to two such wonderful people in my life.

1) My buddy, Carol, came over to school today to help me prep my room for Open House on Tuesday.  She cleaned my AWFUL white boards with an ammonia mixture I made at home, squeegeed the board, then went over it again with white board cleaner.  She helped me add vinyl letters to the wall (which reads Make each day… Your Masterpiece) by making sure I didn’t slant them (this is a common theme).  She made my piles neater and suggested HIDING some things.  It was just wonderful to work and chat at the same time.  I really, really miss working with her. Then we went to lunch and had frozen yogurt.  I told her that I plan to play with her Crick-cut (sp) this summer to make things for my room.  Now that I’m acclimated, I’m going to make changes!

2) Cassie has been listening to all my tales.  These are things that I would LOVE to blog about, but can’t.  You know, sometimes what happens in Fight Club stays in Fight Club.  Since I’ve known her so long, she not only knows all the players (and how they are connected), but also can give me insight based on her “knowledge” of them.  This is key.  She is helping to keep me from doing something stupid both personally and professionally.

Just so you know, I once was telling a story about my family to a colleague.  She LITERALLY went to the white board and started drawing a diagram so that she could understand who was related to whom, by what means, and how this all connected to the story.  When she was done, the board was a mess, and she was still confused.

Cassie and Carol know my mess.  For that I am eternally grateful.


One thought on “Grateful

  1. justaglimpse says:

    Hopefully everyone has those people that will drop everything for you when you need them to.

    I love you too. 🙂

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