Someone Needs to Invent

Tonight I got yet another card to add to my arsenal of cards (grocery, book stores, teacher supply, etc.).  This one was a teacher discount card for Border’s.  Given that my bill was $90 and I’d saved $20, you can see my need for this.

What I want someone to create is an all-in-one rewards card.  I’d like ONE card that could be used at all of the places I use rewards cards.  This way I wouldn’t have to have a king-sized wallet.  Seriously!  I don’t have enough room for all my savings cards.  As I see it, it would be web based, go on-line, input your numbers, get your card mailed to you and use it in place of: Safeway, Lucky’s, Smart and Final, Lakeshore, Border’s, Barnes and Noble, Office Depot, Office Max, Costco, CTA, NEA, SJTA, TTFN, etc. (OK, I made that last one up).

So… Stanford Google Wannabees, gonna help a girl in crisis?


One thought on “Someone Needs to Invent

  1. I think this is a great idea! A lot of people could benefit from it and would utilize such a card.

    – Curt B.

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