I Probably Don’t Really Need to Point This Out But…

Bristol Palin should not, in any way shape or form, be talking about abstinence.  For goodness’ sake someone save this poor child from whomever is using her.  HEL-LO honey!  This is like closing the barn door AFTER the animals have bolted –a  bit late.  Also, just because you’re going to talk that it’s “God’s will” and that you “don’t regret it” but that it probably would have been “better to wait” doesn’t make you a good role model.  Fess up.  You screwed up (hell, fess that screwing was part of the agenda!), and it WASN’T God’s will.  You didn’t want to acknowledge having sex so by avoiding birth control you could pretend you weren’t doing the deed.  STUPID!

SIGH.  Let’s go ahead and stress abstinence (As in, IF you can’t imagine telling someone what you want and need, then you probably aren’t mature enough to have a PHYSICAL relationship.  AS in, if you can’t picture talking to an adult about it, then you aren’t ready.  If you aren’t READY to be a parent, YOU AREN’T ready…) but then admit that most teens won’t wait.  Then you can discuss what should happen if you’re ready to be physical. You know, birth control.

Any and all slogans are OK — no glove, no love.  Everyone brings something to the party (as in BOTH males and females USE birth control).  Love doesn’t mean coersion.  If your “loved one”  starts a conversation with, “IF you really loved me, you would… then he/she DOES NOT LOVE YOU.  RUN, DON’T walk to the nearest friend, cry your eyes out, move on, and THANK whatever deity you pray to that you found out BEFORE it was too late.  Whatever it takes to make sure that teens know that BIRTH CONTROL is also DISEASE control and they need to be IN CONTROL of the CONTROL!

We are a better society when all children are wanted and loved.  This should be our goal ALWAYS.  Having parents who’ve really lived life and are ready and happy to be parents are part of that.  Let’s stress that, and accept however that comes to be  — waiting or not.


One thought on “I Probably Don’t Really Need to Point This Out But…

  1. lifestartsnow says:

    where’s that “thumbs up” smily???

    really like this post

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