Objects of Lust

My latest object of lust, which I will most likely fulfill, is the Tiffany Key Collection.  Normally I just lust after something in silver.  That’s my metal; I like it.  However, they emailed me today to remind me of my desire (not really.  I’m on their e-mailing list.) and send along a link.  For fun, I clicked on the platinum collection.  (DEEP GROAN LIKE EATING REALLY, REALLY GOOD DESSERT).

OMG!  They are just amazingly beautiful works of arts. The tops look like the rose windows from cathedrals.  They look intricate and lovely.  Of course, they are coated in diamonds as well, which isn’t my gem.  For some reason, my heart skipped a beat.  It was truly LOVE.  Then I saw the price tag.  Yeah, it was just lust.  $10,000 for  a beautiful charm (chain not included) kills love real fast.

Still…  It’s fun to look.  When I buy, though, it will be silver.

[May 3rd update:  Mission accomplished plus some. 8) ]


One thought on “Objects of Lust

  1. cuteandcurls says:

    Hi there, just surfing through via WordPress community and found your blog ^_^ I love jewelleries especially the 22k gold type but whenever I see the price tag it definitely kills me. That Tiffany Key collection has to be a gorgeous item.

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