Disappointing Food

I’ll admit that I truly love the smell, taste, texture, etc. of food.  Food is my drug (I should post some before pictures), and it’s affect is not good.  Still…  I can’t stop eating the way an alcoholic can avoid alcohol and bars.  Therefore, I have to work to retrain my palette as well as learn new eating behaviors.

The one place I am lucky is that I actually really, really, really like both fruits and vegetables.  As a rule, if they are available, I will eat them.  I’m not too snobby about where they come from.  I can eat fresh, frozen, or canned staple vegetables.

Yesterday I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home from Jazzercise to get some berries.  They have been part of my breakfast all week — strawberries and blackberries.  While I was there, I picked up an orchid for our most wonderful neighbor, Alice.  I also was hungry.  I stopped by the prepared food section.

Flashback to spring break.  Tracy and I went for “normal” dining at The Cheesecake Factory in somecitynearPalmSprings.  There I got a roasted beet, goat cheese, and arugula salad.  YUM-MO!  Seeing beets reminded me of that.  Sure it wasn’t beet salad like I’d had, but I like beets and any beet salad seemed like a good plan.  Got it home and…. SIGH.  They were beets.  I like beets so I ate them anyway.  However, they were disappointing.  They lacked complex flavors and counterpoints to the beets sweetness.

However, I had hope.  I also love cucumber salad of most varieties — in sour cream, lightly dressed, or in vinegar as a quick pickle.  Their cucumber salad had dill and onion, and I assumed, a light dressing.  Yup.  Disappointing.  The chunks were too large.  The dill was simply slapped on.  The cucumbers tasted OK (they used the really large, lots of seeds, not as tasty ones), but they weren’t great or fresh or SPRING-Y in my mouth.  I was disappointed.

I ate both for dinner, not because they were great, but because I’d already paid for them.  This is not a mistake I’ll make again.  I’ll stick to the produce and leave.

That said, Alice loved her orchid. 🙂


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