Swimming in a Size 2

I was waiting in Jamba Juice listening to the “girls” chat while making my smoothie.  They were discussing losing weight.  One is, apparently, going to be in a wedding.  She said that her dress had been bought in a 4, but her jeans were a 2 and they were SWIMMING on her.

Uh, no.

First, had they been swimming there would have been some bagging somewhere.  Just because you CAN pull the waistband away from your waist, doesn’t mean that that they’re too big, especially if you have to PULL them away (as in they aren’t naturally pulling away).  They really aren’t swimming you if you have dunlap (as in your your stomach has DONE LAPPED over your belt!). However, she was pretty convinced she needed a 0.

Uh, no.

Here’s the thing, I hear girls/women say all the time how the next size up is HUGE on them.  They can’t possibly wear the next size because it will just swim on them.

Uh, no.

At the smallest marked vanity sizes, the difference in measurement is a half-inch. That’s it.  NO ONE swims with an extra half-inch of fabric.  Now, at the larger sizes, this gap widens to an inch and sometimes an inch-and-a-half.  Then I could understand that the fit isn’t as flattering, but swimming…

C’mon, let’s stop the games and charades.  Get real and recognize that fit is fit regardless of size and swimming means that there must be a significant amount of fabric around your body.  Oh, and while we’re on it, you don’t only wear ONE size.  Try the stuff on and buy what fits.  Honestly.


One thought on “Swimming in a Size 2

  1. Morocco says:

    I agree about sizing which is why I HAVE to try my clothes on. I can fit anywhere from a 2-6. It just depends on the maker and the fabric. This is another reason that I don’t order from catalogues and online stores.

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