Mean and Witchy

I’m watching The Real Housewives of New York City.  The one named Kelly is ALLEGEDLY a model.  OMG.  Let me just be amazingly and unjustifyably cruel.  She looks awful.  OK, not her body; that’s pretty slamming and perfect.  Just her face.

If I were that mottled, I’d be panicked. Isn’t that her livlihood (or are her modeling assignments ones that don’t INVOLVE her face?)  If my neck looked like it needed tattoos noting “cut here” on the PROMINENT horizontal lines AND I were a model, I wouldn’t be working. How can you be a model and not have a dermotologist whose job it is to make sure your skin doesn’t look like fecal matter?  I say this sincerely, STAY OUT OF THE SUN!

As someone who’s getting older and not fresher, I’m telling the young ‘uns out there, STAY OUT OF THE SUN.  Your beautiful young skin (without pigment issues, lines, and sagging) is what is desirable by every woman out there.  Treat it well, and you’ll continue to be stunning.  Treat it the way she does, and you’ll be… well, kinda ugly.


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