Interesting Comment

Background: One of our parents also works at the school on a substiute basis.  She has been in my class a few times as she works in one of our SDC classrooms.

Interchange: Parent: “I hate to tattle on your students, but today four boys were being very disrespectful to Mr. L.  I told him that since he is a sub, they should be very polite.  Then I told them I was going to tell you.  Of course, they asked me not to.”

Me: “Who were they?”  Parent: “Oh, I don’t know their names.”  Me: “Was is J, or C, or M, or P?  What about M — he was just sitting there?”  Parent: “I don’t really know.  You’ll need to ask Mr. L.”

Then the conversation shifted to how the students tended to be disrespectful and not very nice.  I was trying not to go in depth when this was delivered.

“You know, when I first met you, I thought you were awfully harsh and mean with the kids.  I thought you expected too much out of them.  Now I can see that you want them to grow to meet their best potential.  Plus, when they do good, you really praise them.  You really do care about them, so I get why you discipline them so strongly.  They need it.”

SIGH.  I know she meant well, but I wonder how many people were told I was mean to the kids who still believe it because they haven’t heard the rest?  Since when is expecting students to be in control of themselves, work hard, apply themselves, be safe, be respectful and be responsible being mean?  Then again, it’s probably my tone. LOL!


One thought on “Interesting Comment

  1. Morocco says:

    I get that reaction all the time!

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