Urban Captivity

The place we’re staying in Indio is the backlot of a gated community/country club.  As such you have to use a reader to get in and out of the gate (in a car).  While they have sidewalks, I’m assuming that foot traffic never occurred to them AT ALL (cue Steve the environmental green weekend warrior/field guide).  Hence there is NO WAY OUT of the back lot  if you’re walking, save to take the gate reader with you or wait for a car to trigger the fences.

The other day I was able to slip through with a car.  Then I managed to slip back between the bars coming back (lucky for me).  This is because I was going opposite of the big bands of rebar poking out horizontally.  Going with them was harder (my big butt and thighs were counterproductive).  So, I didn’t bother to try to escape last night.  I just walked from one gate to the other.

I think it’s all a bit weird. This being in captivity — selected WILLING captivity.


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