Control Freak in Nature

Apparently I can bug the Bejesus out of just about anyone.  Take our hiking guide on Saturday morning.  His name was Steve (we think).  He was into nature, being green, and teaching us about the landscape.  I was about getting to the top, then coming down.  I’m like that.  Sure life is a journey, but I’m all about the destination.  He wasn’t digging this about me.

Actually, we vacillated between having really good conversation and my bugging him.  At one point he snapped at me that HE was supposed to be leading.  Can I help it if I’m all about taking over?  It’s my personality.  Then he was surprised (probably due to my lack of hiking gear, water, and figure) that I could keep up with him.  I don’t think it dawned on him that women with fat a$$es can hike.  It’s where all of our energy is stored. 🙂  I think he wanted to go ahead and having me on his heels was a bit off-putting.  I felt like he could go faster and stop talking about all the plants.  Geez.  Who cares?  However, I did learn he’s from New York, dropped out of school in 9th grade, is going back to get an MFA (master’s of fine arts) in writing, has a daughter, wants us all to reduce our carbon footprint, and that religion is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind.  Oh, and there’s nothing more important than happiness.  I’m telling you, he thinks that ’cause it was eluding him!

Needless to say, there’s a lot to be said for not having a guide.


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