Spring Break Plans

Tonight, as Keb and I ate dinner, we discussed what we might want to do for spring break.  He already knows that I’ll be gone for four days to go to the Palm Springs area (Joshua Tree!). After that, we’re hanging.  So far we’ve decided on going to the San Francisco Academy of Sciences (actually, he’ll go with Taed.  I’ll be at the Legion of Honor with Diane and Chris G. looking at the Faberge Eggs), Monterrey Bay Aquarium for the seahorse exhibit (he wants to spend the night and hopefully take cousin, X), and to Berkeley to go to this super cool Adventure Playground which is like a junkyard/war zone mixed into one.  Then his other requirement is “lots of playdates.”

It hasn’t even started, and I can’t wait to take the pictures and document what happens.  I think we’re going to have fun.  In fact, I think Taed is going to play with us, which is even better.  Spring break with my boys (makin’ lots of noise, hangin in the clubs, there ain’t no choice.  Sorry Lou Bega.).


2 thoughts on “Spring Break Plans

  1. Morocco says:

    How was your trip?

  2. Suzanne says:


    We’re on break THIS week. Last week we were still in school.

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