The Importance Of Health

This is really the first year where my health has not been decent.  It seems that every 6 weeks there is something going on reminding me to slow down or take it easy or not try to do everything.  I completely get that I’m intense and try to control the world.  This is silly because it’s impossible, it’s improbable, and it makes you really grouchy.  I’m sure it accounts for many of God’s edicts in the Old Testament.  If you can’t control you, I will.  Honey, that stuff gets OLD!

I had planned to take Friday off because I am helping with a baby shower that seems to be on miracle grow.  It’s bigger, more complicated, and definitely more problematic than planned.  That’s an issue.  Well, nature (and aparently stupidity) has a way of making you step back.  On Wednesday night, I got sick.  From the violence of the illness, as well as it bi-directional output, I knew it had to be food poisoning.  I’m pretty sure it was the fish I made myself.  While I can’t think of anything I did wrong in the thaw, it’s obvious there was SOMETHING.

I spent a day on the couch being incredibly sick (even into the evening).  It wasn’t until yesterday morning I could actually keep down water.  Finally, I added yogurt and then toast.

While I don’t really know how to slow myself down, I can see that if I don’t, my body will MAKE it happen.  Even now, I feel the gurglings.  It’s one step away from resurfacing.  I also know that IF I want to continue in this profession, continue to grow and evolve, and really make a difference, I need to a) focus on what I really can do and b) only take on what I can get done.  Otherwise, my health will suffer.

It always seemed like such a platitude — If you have your health, you have everything.  However, now I see it’s true.  You can’t do anything if you aren’t healthy (physically and mentally).  SIGH.  It’s a lesson I’m still learning.


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