Martha Stewart

I used to love watching Martha Stewart on Sunday mornings when I got back from Jazzercise.  Taed would tape it for me, and I’d spend some time ironing and watching.  I’d love to say I learned a lot from Martha; however, I didn’t.  I learned and used the phrase, “It’s a good thing.” I also learned how best to fold and put away sheet sets.   That wasn’t from her show, though.  I think she did it on Oprah or something.

Martha is a pivotal figure for some Generation X women.  She really seemed to push this idea of being a superwoman — grow your own food, have beautiful things, make beautiful things, host gorgeous dinner parties, make cakes for other people’s weddings, and spay or neuter pets as a side business.  It was like a generation of people didn’t realize that there were people making this all happen.  I mean she’s one person.  It was unrealistic.  The backlash was quick and decisive.  Whether she meant to or not, her attitude was that if we couldn’t do it, we weren’t working hard enough.  Come on, woman, some people sleep.

I have a friend who HATES Martha.  She hates her so badly she won’t even LOOK at the Martha stuff at Macy’s.  She doesn’t want “one dime to go to that woman.”  Her contention is that Martha lied about her investments.  HEL-LO!  Did you not just watch our economy tank because people all over (mostly people with dangly-parts) stole, cheated, and lied.  It seemed like the American way — lie, cheat, and steal to get what you want — which is more than your neighbors.  (Side note: these are USUALLY the same people who go on-and-on about the importance of religion.  They send their children to private schools (Christian or otherwise). What?  Are you hoping while I’m being a good person, I won’t notice your shenanigans?).

What I find weird, silly, odd about this is that she is surrounded by deception.  I mean, sure you SHOULDN’T have a double standard, but let’s be honest.  Most men have not, do not, and will not go to jail for this.

I’m no longer a Martha fan.  I still check in from time to time.  But I’ve really just learned that some things are good, and that folding your sheets and storing them in their pillow cases is a good thing.


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