Good Lord!

This whole going to Palm Springs thing is turning into a big hassle.  First C wasn’t thrilled about it (still isn’t and may not go.  Oh well…).  Then T can’t find the reservation.  I’ve got my plan but nothing is gelling with it.  Damn, don’t you hate when a good plan just CAN’T come together?  See, my plan  is to drive down with Tracy on Friday and return via Southwest on Monday afternoon. Seriously, I’ve NEVER seen Joshua Tree National Park.  I’ve never walked the streets Sonny Bono once governed.  It’s a GAY capital, and I’m a hag without a friend.  It’s in the desert. There are old people in shorts golfing.  I could be an old person in shorts (maybe) golfing.  I need this.

Not as much as therapy, it seems.


One thought on “Good Lord!

  1. Morocco says:

    Sounds like fun! I love road trips–even though I NEVER help with the driving as I don’t drive on highways/interstates.

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