To Do List

I supposed this is just silly to post but…  I need some kind of reminder.

As I finish, I will strike them out.  Strangely enough, this has been useful this weekend.  Sure, I’ve sat around, but I’ve THOUGHT about my list. 🙂

  • Make new schedule for April Service Learning
  • Make new seating charts for both cohorts
  • Survey Monkey survey for program
  • Check all quizzes and papers from this week
  • Input flyers
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Get back on Weight Watchers and journal food before back in size 22/24 pants Still eating too many points, but at least I’m acknowledging it.  I wonder if it’s connected to not drinking diet soda?
  • Create power point about past, present, and future perfect participles
  • Strip beds and wash bedding Keb’s, not ours.  Someone is still in it.
  • Write two thank you notes
  • Make arrangements for Palm Springs
  • Update grades in GradeBook
  • Add discipline notes in GradeBook
  • Figure out Greek play for students
  • Run to Target Taed and Keb did it for me.  It was quite the ordeal as Keb got sick at the McDonald’s in Walmart and threw up.  He took a 2 hour nap.  Now he’s fine and playing with his friend, M, upstairs.  Aren’t kids amazing?
  • Make 2 Kodak books — on of Disney for Diane and the other for my MIL
  • Exercise (a lot)
  • Smile! 🙂

One thought on “To Do List

  1. Barbara Helen says:

    Sounds like a hectic schedule but fun!
    Keep smiling and enjoying life and going at a fast pace………….Just finished a serious item on housekeeping but this article sounds much more like me…………….

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