Full Days

It seems like every day right now is full of something.  Today was a lovely day — warm and sunny.  Today’s big thing was working with the students in the school garden.  Now, don’t assume I’m the one doing the working!  This is during service learning time and I’m incredibly fortunate to have a great many school adults around to help.  Shawn Shahin, our Title 1 and Science Resource Teacher, takes the lead on the garden.  Generally I putter around, garden, or redirect the students.  She’s the producer; I’m the schlub.  🙂 It’s ok; it’s as it should be.

Today Shawn had the students harvest the lettuce that Cohort A planted in the winter.  Most came up quite nicely.  Since Cohort B has been weeding and taking care of the beds, they have some interest in this as well.  The culminating activity is for the teams to make themselves a salad from the lettuce.  Now, as I said, everyone has full days.  After negotiating back and forth, it was clear there wasn’t a good time for Shawn and I to do this.  She’s pregnant and giving up her lunch is too much to ask.  So…  We decided to ask Rob if he could do it during their science lab time.  He agreed (thankfully).

So I came home with a grocery list on my hand (I had a purple pen but no paper in the garden).  I stopped by Smart and Final for bowls, forks, ranch dressing (I am NOT giving them a choice), tomatoes (I don’t have a clue as to if they are good.  I don’t eat tomatoes), and carrots. After taking Keb to Build-a-Book at school, I diced tomatoes (as best I could) and made carrot coins.  These are packaged with three large bowls ready to go to school tomorrow.  From there it will be up to Shawn and Rob to make it work.  Hopefully there will be pictures.

Needless to say, I didn’t check any school assignments tonight.  ARGH.  Before I knew it, it was 8:00 and I hadn’t even exercised.  I’m thinking I won’t tonight.  SIGH.  I need it.

Way deep down inside I’m hoping the students appreciate the salad and the time to make it.  I want them to feel good about the process of planting and seeing what comes from their hard work.  I want to say I’ll be MAD if they don’t appreciate it.  However, I know better.  They’re 6th graders, and you can’t predict them.  You can only hope that somewhere they get that you took your time to make this experience for them.  As I said, it was a full day.

One thought on “Full Days

  1. Morocco says:

    Even if they don’t appreciate the experience now, just now that they will later. Have you ever read the novella “Seed Folks?” Your post makes me think of it.

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