WOW! Story Night Goodies

I’ll admit that I was semi-coerced into doing Story Night at our school.  The AP thought it would be good for younger students to see the 6th grade teachers (which is true), plus I’d never done a school event so it covered that too (not that we HAVE to, but you know you like to see the teachers at school being part of the community).  When I was looking at stories to do, a 4th grade teacher who’d never participated either asked if I’d like to pick one and do it together — you know, team.  Heck yeah.  This way I wasn’t alone.

Let me tell you how incredibly cushy this was.  The book, materials, hand-outs, and lesson plan were delivered to my room by the coodinators. Then we had a light meal provided.  It was quite pleasant.  The strawberries were AMAZING. The rooms were set up, all we had to do was be there and keep the kids entertained.

At the end of the night I felt like it wasn’t bad and I could do it again.  It wasn’t painful, and I had some fun.  Well, today the coordinators came by AGAIN.  This time bearing gifts.  I received a beautiful “poster” with pictures of the students and of me with the rats.  There was a card with a gift card from Pizza My Heart, $10 gift card from Borders AND Scholastic Book Bucks towards the spring book faire.  How sweet is that?

The next time I think about complaining, hopefully I’ll remember how much work went into making that hour of my life as easy as humanly possible.  Then, I was rewarded handsomely for it.

I’m definitely signing up next year, with or without a partner.  However, I’m going to read the book Cassie recommended. 🙂


One thought on “WOW! Story Night Goodies

  1. Morocco says:

    I’d volunteer for that community event!

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