Missing My Dad

Lately I’ve been missing my dad.  I’m not really sure why.  On the 16th of April he will have been dead for 21 years; that’s half my life.  I’m blessed that I have my mom and others who love me.  In memory of him I’ve been listening to old school country.  I’m talking stuff with twang that I SWORE I would NEVER listen to once I was an adult and in charge of music.  Tonight was Patsy Cline, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and Lynne Anderson.  Usually Dolly is in the mix too.  All that and U2 and Rhianna. Oh my.  Can we say mixed up?

Maybe this is just his way of reminding me to fight the good fight, be true to your principles, and have some fun.  I hear you, Dad.  I just wish you’d had better taste in music. 8)


2 thoughts on “Missing My Dad

  1. Daryl Dillon says:

    You are so funny! That’s some good music, twang and all. That music got a lot of people through some tuff times back in the day. I can hear that twang now…

  2. Morocco says:

    LOL, music is such a sweet way to remember lost loved ones. Anythime I hear songs from Motown (especially Smokie Robinson) or Prince, I think of my mother.

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