Zyrtec It Is

I had complained about Zyrtec as part of the allergy regimine.  Because Claritin was originally “prescribed” but not available at the clinic pharmacy, I went with Zyrtec.  However, I SWORE I would move to Claritin as soon as I took the Zyrtec.  WRONG MOVE.  For the past week, my head has been stuffed full of congestion.  Lovely greenish-grey congestion so thick it would almost inhibit the saline irrigation.  NASTY. Then I learned that the prescription strength of Claritin was 40 and the purchase is 10.  Well, why bother then?

I picked up Zyrtec on my way home from work yesterday.  I’d had it with blowing my nose every 3 seconds and the extreme sinus pressure.  Today, my nost is dry as a bone.  Overnight.  How strange.  How wonderful.

I’ve learned that I can live with a full, funky dream world.  I can’t live with 24/7 mucus.


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