Keb’s Project

Background:  Our couch cover had some sort of spill/stain so Taed took the WHOLE thing apart.  This lead to many things being cleaned muliple times, his “washing” the couch with our hand-held carpet cleaner, cleaning the carpet under the couch, etc.  Then he noticed the side table was shaky.  This is a job for…


Keb was tapped to figure out how to fix it, get the tool, and do it.  Taed said, “When you’re done, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment.  You’ll probably be really proud of yourself.”

To which our Keb responded, “I don’t really want to feel proud of myself.”  He was made to do it anyway.  He still doesn’t feel accomplished and proud, nor does he care about our pride.  Finally, “Stop encouraging me!”

My guess is he really doesn’t want to be a better person. 8)

BTW, did you notice that Taed didn’t even involve me.  I’m guessing he’s thinking it’s too late to develop my pride and feeling of a job well-done.


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