Bad Week

I had a bad week.  It was emotionally intensive.  I took most things personally (even when they probably weren’t meant to be personal).  I felt weak, tired, hungry, grouchy, and unmotivated.  When you teach, this is the WORST mindset to be in.  If you can’t make it even SLIGHTLY fun, why be there?  That’s called prison.  Some days (weeks) are like that.

I do believe having my body clock manipulated is part of the issue.  Daybreak hadn’t  even started at an early hour yet.  Daybreak was something like 6:45 a.m.  I was loving watching it break as I drove to work (on the days it wasn’t raining).  I wasn’t ready to start driving in the dark again.

Then there’s the age thing. I had noticed around November or December that I was really GROUCHY one week.  Then, lo and behold, my period would start.  This is COMPLETELY new.  Used to be I craved sugar and that was that.  Now it does appear that I have developed premenstrual syndrome.  I need to track it, because there were A LOT of things that could make one feel depressed and angry happen this week, so it might be coincidence.  In December, I was grouchy, but I was also walking around with pneumonia.

However, it could also signal time for THE CHANGE!  Apparently peri-menipause lasts 10 years (if there’s a God, and God is male, than I truly think God hates women.  That’s a lot of work for one sex to take on, if you ask me.) TEN YEARS!  Murderers get out with good behavior faster than women get out of hormone hell.  Grrrr.

Finally, my allergies are OFF THE HOOK.  Seriously, even with a daily regimen of irrigation, spray, and pill, I’m producing HUGE amounts of gook.  Coupled with the pressure of it as well as the hung-over feeling from DLSavings, and you’ve got one unhappy camper. It’s so congested, I can barely PUSH water through my nasal cavity.  How yummy is that?

Apparently when it rains, it pours.


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