Keb’s Notes

I should have salvaged the notes from the garbage and scanned them in.  I didn’t, but the story is still pretty good.

Over the weekend Taed had Keb take a timed math test.  Keb finished it in 5 minutes and 40 seconds.  We’re aiming for less than five minutes.  Apparently he was distraught.  He wrote, “I’m never gona (sic) make it.” to Taed.  At which point Taed proceeded to tell him that with more practice and focus he would indeed make it.  Then Keb wrote, “Stop incourageing (sic) me!”

Never underestimate the negative power of positive thinking!


One thought on “Keb’s Notes

  1. Morocco says:

    I love those types of notes! I have saved most of Nicholas’ including the one he wrote that said “Nobody loevs me, not evn mama!” I think he was three or four when he did this one.

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