Keb had me take a quiz on to see which Rock Monster I am.  It’s like the Cosmo quiz for kids only less… sexual.  My results are…

You’re GLACIATOR! All the other rock monsters do whatever you tell them to, but it’s not because they’re friendly … they’re just scared of you! When the Power Miners are in big trouble, it’s a good bet that your plans are to blame.

Quiz yourself at:  You’ll thank me in a weird way.


4 thoughts on “Glaciator

  1. Taed says:

    You’re SULFURIX! You’re clever and sneaky and always show up where you’re least expected. Plus, you can melt through solid rock to get to energy crystals wherever and whenever you want!

  2. Morocco says:

    We must be kin, I’m a Glaciator, too.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Maybe we should have ALL teachers take it and see what shows up the most. Maybe we’re Glaciators by default.

  4. justaglimpse says:

    I’m a Glaciator as well. I think you are right Suzanne.

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