Credit Report

I’m more than slightly annoyed with CitiBank.  On the heels of Counrywide getting rid of the rewards card I was using, so is CitiBank.  When I went to pay my bill, I noticed that I would not be allowed to schedule payments post 3/23.  When I asked why, it’s because they are getting rid of the card I use and sending something else in its stead.

Are they nuts?  The only reason I use it is for the rewards.  It’s the only reason I signed up for the Countrywide card.  Now, I’m stuck trying to find another card with cash back to replace these two.  SIGH.  I guess I should be thrilled that my credit score is good.  It makes doing this a lot easier.

In fact, I am thrilled.  This is a long way from when the only credit card I could get was a secured one and my credit score was less than 600 (who am I kidding, it was probably -600!).  It’s been a long time coming, and I have Taed to thank for it.  Otherwise, I’d still be a loser getting hourly phone calls from companies wanting money for s*it that I bought that I no longer had because I’d been in default for forever and a day.

You know, I think this means that, for right now, I’m a grown up. 8)


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