Smart, but Annoying Cat

Amelia, whose age we don’t really know (somewhere between 15 and 17), has developed some really bad habits.  The worst is her regular onslaught against the carpet.  Taed cleans the carpet areas she pees on about once a week at least.  It’s annoying.  She has many litter boxes. They have to be pee free for her to use them.  ARGH.  I keep hoping to get new flooring, but I’m waiting until she’s gone.  I just heard that Socks was put down at the ripe old age of 20.  At this rate, she’ll be seeing Keb off to college.  Speaking of Keb…

When it comes to food, Amerlia has learned that it’s Keb’s job to feed her.  This morning she kept meowing him awake, stalking him,  and walking on him.  All because she wanted food.  Mind you, she had some food, but it was the food at the bottom of the bowl which she’s not about to eat. When he finally fed her, she had that look like, “About time!” It’s good she reminds him.  It keeps us from having to do it.


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