I’m always very surprised as how little solidarity we have with our fellow human beings.  What surprises me more than the “me, me, me” sentiment that I’m hearing a lot of these days, is who it’s coming from.  Yes, dears, it’s coming from those BABY BOOMERS.  Uh, hello, aren’t you supposed to be the peace, love, make the world better people?  Don’t tell me about Woodstock, JFK, and the Beatles, do something good and care about others.  Seriously, if you were entitled I’d have noticed the crown.

This has come up in our unit as we deal with lack of funds and how to direct what we want.  What’s coming up is that because insurance benefits are “unequal” then we should equalize them.  Basically no one should get “more.”  I could handle that if it weren’t coming from divorced people who snap that they already raised their families.  NICE.  Hope you didn’t get some venom on your shirt when you spit that out.  SIGH.

All of a sudden it’s about what THEY can get.  I’m almost certain that the two largest risk areas driving the increase in our premiums are a) retirees and b) child-bearing women.  Do we really want to disenfranchise these groups?  Should we punish people for being women?  Worse, should women punish women for being women?

This also has come up when the topic of increasing  taxes to pay for  schools comes up.  I actually hear people ask why should they PAY higher taxes because their kids don’t go to school anymore. OK. How about when your kids were in school.  Is it POSSIBLE that some lesbian had to put taxes into the system when she knew she wasn’t going to bear children?  What about nuns?  Octogenarians?  Do you think they may have supported YOUR children?

When did kids stop being the future?  When did the future become some sort of strange-ass Mad Max apocalyptic nightmare?  Do you want me to stage cage fights and the kid who survives can get some education?  Would you pay for that?

Let’s all get back to our inner-Jesus and JFK (or whatever god you subscribe to this week) and actually put into practice, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” As well as, “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.” Damn it.  How do you fix things if you have no intention of fixing things?

By the way, sadomasochists need not apply.  SIGH.


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