So… I come home from work and no Keb.  He was on an all-day play date with his buddy, J.  This morning and early afternoon, Taed took them to Nickel City, then to sushi, they played some D&D (dungeons and dragons), then J’s mom was going to take them to the movies.  About 10 minutes after I got in, Keb was at the door in tears without J or his mom.  I was surprised because I thought they were at the movies.  I tried to call Mrs. P on her cell, but couldn’t get through.  Then I called L & S’s mom to let her know where Keb was.  You’d think these people would care. Heck, I’d hate to “lose” someone else’s kid!

Keb had LEFT the play date, which had moved to the school he goes to, because the other kids were teasing him, tackling him, and being mean to him. Not one kid went home to say anything to their parents.

While Keb was telling us the story, it came out that upon being called fat (this is ongoing and really wrecks him), one kid (S) took out a pocket knife, pulled the blade, and asked if he poked Keb if the fat would come out.  SIGH.  Keb got very upset, but stayed.  Taed already talked to him about how he should have returned to S’s house and told Mrs. P what happened.  It wasn’t until later (when he was being teased and tackled) that he ran away and came home.

Fast forward to many phone calls later.  Upon questioning, the kid’s little brother (L) admitted that, yes, he (S) did do this to Keb. See, when Taed told S & L’s parents, they denied that the kid had a pocket knife.  Uh-huh.  The parents then  called to apologize (a HUGE 180 from when I called their house to let them know where Keb was and was told, “Yes, I know what happened.”) and to explain they didn’t know what to do with S.  They asked Keb, he had no clue.  I hope they think LONG and HARD about this.

I feel bad because the kid (J) and mom (Mrs. P) Keb went with are nice people.   It was the whole combining play dates that caused the mess. I really don’t know why it happened (the combination of people).  L, one of the other kids, is in Keb’s class.  They used to play together, but now Keb says that L is mean to him and not his friend. It was L’s brother (S) who did all of this.  J’s family is embarrassed and just said they wouldn’t mix the kids again. I’m not sure I would take MY kid back.  Then again, it wasn’t her son who was bullied.

The weird thing is that the whole play date event was called a “Happy Hour”. I’m thinking while the parents are going about their “Happy Hour” the plan was to let the kids play.  It looks like it ended up being some sort of  Lord of the Flies adventure. Maybe they should rethink the play date with “benefits”.

Keb said it ruined his good day.  He was pretty shaken by it.

I think we are too.


3 thoughts on “Knife

  1. Morocco says:

    That was very disturbing! I hope they pass this incident along to S’s parents so that they can talk (or take action) to him about it. He took teasing to another level by whipping out a knife! Geez, what if he would have tested his theory?! I agree, keep him away from that little boy!

  2. Cassie says:

    I don’t even know what to say. I think I would seriously call the school counselor though and make them aware of this. This is scary. Poor Keb!

  3. Suzanne says:

    There is no school counselor that we know of. I’ve asked for Keb to speak with this person to no avail. More education cuts. However, we kept the “sorry” letter we received on Friday just in case.

    Keb will never be skinny. Thing is, he likes himself. Is that so bad?

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