Best Teacher Ever!

This was the comment my students in Cohort B said to me as they left.  All because I gifted them with some candy this afternoon.  Geez, they’re cheap dates. 🙂  It wasn’t even a full size bar.  Just the fun-size one.  Plus they had to duck as I pitched at at students who answered questions correctly (I throw worse than a girl platypus).

Now, wait until tomorrow when I’m nagging them about homework.  Then I’ll be back to the regular run-of-the-mill witch I normally am.

I guess now isn’t the right time to realize that we’re not supposed to be sugaring them up and sending them home.  Oh well… too late.


3 thoughts on “Best Teacher Ever!

  1. llabesab says:

    “Best Teacher Ever”–That’s about one step up from “Lousy Used Car Salesman:” or “Average Politician”;
    or “Average Ivy League Graduate”–(Spitzer; Clintons; Obamas; Kerry; Gore; even Bush!!)

  2. Morocco says:

    It’s amazing what kids will do and say for candy!

  3. alinaischewy says:

    bwahaha I heard that from four people x3
    No worries, no one was too sugared up.
    Though one kid kept rubbing it in that they got candy from you.

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