Weird Dreams

Zyrtec gives me the weirdest dreams ever.  This morning’s fare was that I was late to a union meeting (which is >5 minutes away by car).  I went to my classroom, and some weirdo was there indoctrinating two kids with some video.  He grabbed me, but I was able to run away and get the kids out.  However, I couldn’t find my car in the parking lot.  Terre (who works at the union office) drove me to the meeting.  There some guy was putting the moves on me.  I was so scared and tired, I just stood there until I moved away saying, “I need to get some dinner.”  Then I walked in on two friends fighting.  At some point I realized that my window at school was open meaning that whoever was there could get in AGAIN.  I think I finally ended up just going home. What a weird dream!

After I complete this bottle, I’m switching to Claratin.  Hopefully it’s the Zyrtec and not me.


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