Friday Morning Surprise

It has finally been raining again.  This is something I enjoy because drought scares me.  Plus, if you live in the Midwest, there is precipitation four out of four seasons.  You learn to like spring rains, which wash away the dirty winter snow.  Summer rains, which melt away the humidity (if only for an hour) and are often shower-warm. Then the fall rains, which help mulch the leaves.  All leading into pristine white snow (which I hate.  I mean I like SEEING it.  Living in it however…).

Imagine my surprise upon driving to work on Friday.  There, on the mountains, was snow.  The white-capped tops were gorgeous — pristine, angelic, shining, and glistening in the sun.  It was all I could do to drive correctly.  I just wanted to stare at it.  I should note that, in winter, California is green.  The contrast was indeed luscious.

I continue to look for the snow (another sign that we can put off drought).  I look for it’s physical beauty, and for the feeling of calm it brings to me.


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