Best Quip EVER!

Yesterday the students decided to deliver CRAZY in the classroom.  A couple of them were going at it whole hog.  It caused me to do the whole “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do” lecture.  Didn’t work ’cause after school the girls stirred the pot and the boys went after each other.  SIGH.  Thank the Goddess there is a four-day weekend. 🙂

During the lecture I pulled out the WORD that girls were calling each other and being called.  They’re using sl*t.  I asked what this was. I ended up using the Spanish word, which essentially comes to prostitute.  One boy blushed.  He KNOWS these are words you wouldn’t use.  Another boy was going on (with full hand gestures and higher voice, etc.) about how these were women showing off their bodies, trying to get some, and gold diggers.

My most special, special- needs child remarked from across the room in his very nasal, semi-whiny voice, “Hey, I thought a gold digger was someone who was always picking his nose!”

I LOVED it.  It made a bad afternoon better.


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