Nice Birthday Party

A former co-worker of Taed’s, Stephen, has a little girl named Angel.  I’m sure given all the work they went through to get her, she was indeed a blessing.  Yesterday was the party for her 3rd birthday.  The spread was lovely.  Homemade shrimp, chicken and a cucumber/seaweed salad that I really enjoyed.  There was a Chinese “pizza” with sweet spring onions and coated in sesame seeds.  Plus the MOST LOVELY fruit salad of kiwi, cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes.

Angel was beautiful.  She’s a very sweet little girl.  Unfortunately she had NO CLUE who we were!  Add to that, we were the only white people at the party.  Nay, BIG white people. LOL. 🙂  I doubt she remembers us because when she comes over she only wants to play with Amelia.  Since they are teaching her Chinese first, she only knows Amelia.  It’s quite amusing.

Being the only white people and non-Chinese speakers was difficult at first.  However, people would ask us who we worked with, Stephen or Grace.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious we aren’t family. Once conversation was rolling, the party got better. BTW, I love their new house.  I had house envy so bad!  Oh well.  Given the neighborhood and when they bought, I’m sure it was a million plus.  They both have “professonal” jobs so I think they can afford it. 😉

The funny part was that I asked about the seaweed and cucumber salad.  What was it dressed in, etc.  This started me on a conversation with a non-English speaker through a translator about seaweed (not the Japanese-style, it’s chewy) and light dressings.  Then she wanted to give me MORE recipes. I think she had found someone to “talk” to.

The highlight for the adults, though, was Stephen’s ping pong table.  He bought an automatic server so you can practice.  EVERYONE wanted a chance to play with it.  I think we all walked away wanting to put one on our garage. You’d think it would just be the men, but it was the women too.  It was very addicting to want to prove you could to better only to find out how hard it was.

It seriously was a lovely evening.  Everyone was gracious.  The children, every last one of them, were cute and played well.  Keb rated it an 8.


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