European vs. US

Given my love of Top Chef, you may have thought this was about that.  You would be wrong.  Although I like Stephan and Fabio a lot more than the ever-whiny Josea and Leah, I wanted Jamie to win.  Damn it.  I guess you’re right.  Anyway…

It’s about how my “coffee pot” and my mug don’t agree.  My french press says it holds 8 cups.  My tea kettle only has a 4 cup capacity.  That ends up filling only two mugs with my delicious, spicy Hobee’s hot tea. This means I now have to make a new pot.  SIGH.  My life is so hard (whine, whine, whine).

How SMALL are their cups anyway? How slowly do they drink?  How THICK is that coffee?

BTW, did I tell you that Liz can see no difference between the decaffeinated me and the caffeinated me?  Figures.


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