Allergy Regimen

I went to the doctor on Wednesday because Taed was concerned about the fact that I still cough up a lot of mucus.  It’s not pneumonia, thank the Goddess.  However, it is allergy related.  In order to get rid of the gunk I have a twice-daily regimen.

First (scream like Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers), I have to RINSE my nose with saline.  This means shoving a bottle up my nose, squeezing the liquid in, and having it drain either from my mouth or my other nostril.  It’s like when you go swimming and you dive it.  That feeling of  water rushing up your nose.  Twice a day.  Yup.  Only with snot.

Then, I get the nose spray.  Two squirts per nostril.  Mucus is not lovely post-nasal.  This stuff it worse.  Nasty tasting.

Finally, the allergy pill.  The doctor said Claritin but it wasn’t there.  The pharmacist said Zyrtec  would work.  It says it can cause drowsiness so I take it at night.  Boy.  I don’t want to wake up the next day.  Plus I’m having incredibly VIVID and weird dreams.  When this runs out, I’m hunting down Claritin.

Thing is, there’s been no change yet.  In fact, I think I cough more.  However, I’m to do it until the symptoms are gone, then another week to 10 days.  SIGH.  At this rate, I’ll be doing this for YEARS.

Have I mentioned how much I want it to rain?  The dry conditions  and the unseasonably warm weather are sparking all allergins early.  Nice.  Otherwise, I still like living in California.  I’m one of them now.


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