Social Butterfly

I have an incredible amount of inertia.  Once I’m in a place, I really don’t want to leave.  I’m not one to be always on the move or have a lot going on. I don’t like having to PLAN or look at a calendar.  I don’t like to feel rushed or overbooked.  Plus, if I let it, teaching has a lot going on.  It’s always there, like some newborn, needing 24/7 attention.  I don’t need to add much to that AT ALL.

That said, I’ve become more of a social butterfly this year than ever before (like the adult version of play dates).  Some weekends I’ll actually leave the house to go out to lunch or to run errands with friends.  This is in stark contrast to go to Jazzercise ,and then focus on laundry and whatever else needs to be done.  This was the case last weekend when Carol, Erin, Tracy and I got together to catch-up.  We sat around Tracy’s for a while, then headed off to Rivermark to find lunch.  We ended up at Red Robin (I’d never been before).  After an hour plus at lunch, we moved the party to Prolific Oven Bakery for another hour or so of chit-chat.  Filling food and good company.

Yesterday, after work, I met Liz (a colleague from my former school) for coffee at Starbucks.  OK, I had tea.  Surprisingly we only talked a little bit about Olinder.  We generally focused on things like our kids, teaching strategies, general frustrations, and just swapping stories of our lives.  It was nice to meet up, because if you don’t cultivate a relationship, it won’t bloom.  I’m trying to make sure I have connections in my life.

I was also fortunate enough to become acquaintance-plus with a woman at work.  We’re not friends, but we talk.  One day she said, with a gleam in her eye, “Do you like to read?”  It’s funny because the dirty little secret of teaching is that many teachers DON’T read for pleasure.   Then she told me about a book she got from a family friend at a funeral that was just wonderful.  It was given to her, and she’s loaning it to me.  I need to make sure I GIVE it back. 8)  I think that’s funny.

It’s called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  It reminds me of Fanny Flagg.  It’s thoroughly enjoyable so I’m not rushing it.  I want to know more…  I don’t want it to end.

Apparently getting off your tuchus is good for you.   Then again, you probably knew that.


One thought on “Social Butterfly

  1. Morocco says:

    That’s my problem–I’m not social enough! I have to learn to relax and enjoy life.

    You are so right about teaching. It is a career that will devour you if you let it.

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