More Clothing Issues

Apparently this is my clothing week.

First, while I was at district office for training on Tuesday (unfortunately quite boring and not so helpful), I checked out the shoes.  Man, we wear some UGLY shoes.  Most were some version of the slip on leather mule thing.  I was no exception of course.  There were about 4 pairs of nice shoes.  Even then, only one pair was high heels, and they were boots.  I think that teaching is tied with nursing for ugly footwear.  Then again, if we want to still be walking at 80, function trumps fashion every time.  BTW, there also seemed to be some weight to shoe thing going on as well.  The nicest shoes were on the smallest teachers. LOL.  Oh my…

Second: I discussed uniforms with my students this week.  They hate them.  I do too.  I think it kills creativity.  I’ve been at uniform schools my entire teaching career.  Trust me when I say if they aren’t bullied about clothing, they WILL be bullied about something.  Kids are mean.  They are fighting for superiority.  We think we’ve taken away one avenue, but you can “buy” nicer uniform stuff since it’s all about a white shirt and khaki pants.  You can still OWN that outfit if you want.  Now it’s about the kicks don’t you know.  That s*it does NOT go away.

Third: Thongs were the topic of the Dear Abby columns a couple of days this week.  SIGH.  When will it end?  I can just say this sincerely, I miss Ann Landers.  I also kind of think that the undies you wear should MATCH the swimsuit you’d wear.  Incidentally, I’ve got on the fully body suit panty that goes from crotch to collar bone.  A small Vietnamese family of 4 could use them as a pup tent.

PS I don’t want to hear about how the dental floss doesn’t hurt you, certatinly doesn’t transport fecal matter to places it shouldn’t be, is stylish, and keeps you from panty lines.  I already went through that rant in June or July.


One thought on “More Clothing Issues

  1. Morocco says:

    I am one of the few teachers who wear heels to work almost daily. One reason being is that I am only 5 feet and they help me to write higher up on the board! Two, my feet are so tough from years of ballet training that I feel very comfortable in them. However, my older coworkers often tell me that I will pay for my fashion choice later in life–OUCH!

    We are in the second year of uniforms. The kids hate it. I totally know what you mean by the disparity. You can still decipher socioeconomic status with the uniforms.

    Yeah, I don’t do thongs. The bad far outweighs the good IMHO!

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