Economic Stimulus Plan — Suzanne Style

OK, here’s my plan.  Bars and restaurants with bars need to visit local schools round about noon on Fridays when we’re burned out and fiesty.  A two for one or half price drink coupon will do it. We go, have one drink and really start in on what’s wrong with education.  One drink becomes two and now appetizers must be purchased to control the flow of alcohol into the blood stream.  Hell, as long as we’re here, let’s eat dinner and have more wine or WHATEVER to go with it.  Where is that waitress with my drink?  Does it taste watery to you?  To hell with my diet, I want dessert.  Some more drinks and more complaining…  Next thing you know you’ve dropped $50 and if you do it right you get an OUI which means lots of stimulus for someone.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a plan.


One thought on “Economic Stimulus Plan — Suzanne Style

  1. Morocco says:

    LOL, I’d have a Champagne Cola so I wouldn’t boost the economy much!

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